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Nyssa - a tragic Story of a Wolf



Nyssa was a black color-phase female born on May 12, 2004 and was tragically lost on May 11, 2005. When staff began bottle-feeding Nyssa, her younger age and smaller body size led staff to be very protective of this little pup. Care and efforts were effective as Nyssa grew into a very independent, muscular wolf. Her medical exams on May 6th showed her weight at 95 lbs, compared to Maya's 79.5 lbs. Nyssa will be most remembered by her intense behavior during the Center's feeding program. Nyssa dominated the carcass, not only showing dominance to her fellow pups, but lunging with full-teeth barred to the arctics as well.

She lived in the International Wolf Center in Ely Minnesota, where many over wolves grow up and live. It's a kinda national park where many projects for kids are made. Studies show, that kids are not scared of the wolves themselfs, but on their howlings. So the projects try to show the kids the life of the wolves in other ways, in comprehensible ways.

Nyssa is one of the 'Gone but not forgotten'-Wolves in the International Wolf Center. The Gone But Not Forgotten wolves are those wolves that were International Wolf Center ambassador wolves but have since passed away. This section serves as a reminder of all the great educational opportunities these wolves provided during their lives and the lesson's we learn. The instincts that make a wolf successful in the wild, such as strong social bonding with pack members, maintenance of defined rank order and ability to distinguish vulnerability in prey animals as well as fellow pack mates, makes a wolf a challenge in a captive environment.



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